[DBRLP006] # DJ Magic Mike - Def Beat Remixes Vol. 6 [2006]

A1 - Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Magic Mike Remix).mp3
A2 - DJ Infiniti & DJ Magic Mike - 2001.mp3
B1 - DJ Magic Mike - Give It All You Got.mp3
B2 - DJ Magic Mike - This Is For The Bass Heads.mp3
B3 - DJ Magic Mike - Feel The Subwoofer Bass 2.mp3
C1 - AC-DC - Back In Black (Magic Mike Remix).mp3
C2 - DJ Magic Mike - M & M Getting Off.mp3
D1 - DJ Magic Mike - Make The Car Go Boom.mp3
D2 - Andrea Parker - In Two Minds (Magic Mike Remix).mp3
D3 - DJ Magic Mike - Drop That Base (feat. MC Madness).mp3


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