[7567-92623-2] # Mad Skillz - From Where [1996]

01 - From Where (Intro).mp3
02 - It's Goin' Down (producer. Jay Dee, scratches. Roc Raida).mp3
03 - The Nod Factor (producer. The Beatnuts, scratches. Psycho Les).mp3
04 - VA. In The House (producer. Buckwild).mp3
05 - Tongues Of The Next ST (feat. Kalonji The Immortal).mp3
06 - Doin' Time In The Cypha (producer. Buckwild).mp3
07 - Tip Of The Tongue (producer. Nick Wiz).mp3
08 - Extra Abstract Skillz (feat. Large Professor, Q-Tip).mp3
09 - WMAD (Interlude).mp3
10 - Get Your Groove On (producer. Buckwild).mp3
11 - The Jam (producer. Jay Dee).mp3
12 - Move Ya Body (producer. Clark Kent, vocals. Khim Davis).mp3
13 - Street Rules (producer. Shawn J Period).mp3
14 - All In It (producer. Shawn J Period, scratches. DJ Riz).mp3
15 - Unseen World (feat. Dr. Mindbenda, Javon The Medieval, Kalonji The Immortal, Lil' Roc, Lonnie B.).mp3
16 - Inherit The World (producer. Shawn J Period, scratches. DJ Riz).mp3

Style: Hip-Hop


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